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  • a couple sitting next to each other in a home

    How Energy-Efficient Units Save Big Money

    We know what you’re thinking—this is just a sales pitch for an HVAC company to sell you a new thermostat. The truth is that we’re always reminding our customers to update their thermostats because we see, time after time, how the upgrade significantly impacts our …

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  • HVAC and Air Conditioning Myths versus Facts

    Common HVAC Myths

    As Halloween approaches, we see more and more of the same horrors: ghosts and ghouls roaming the earth, zombies craving brains, and people who don’t know they can leave their AC on when they leave the house! Oh the horror! If the most terrifying thing …

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  • Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioner

    Maximizing your HVAC unit’s efficiency while saving money

    If there were a magic thermostat, keeping your house comfortable and your energy bill low would be easy. This thermostat would know to anticipate your every move, knowing when you come and go, tracking outdoor humidity levels and watching the calendar to adjust by one …

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