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What is an insulation “topper,” and do you need it?

When the only problem with your insulation is that it has deteriorated over time or shifted in a way that has exposed some holes in its layers of protection, the experts at BNG Heating & Cooling often suggest installing an insulation topper.

The topper is simply an additional layer of insulation that fills in any gaps and strengthens the existing insulation.

Does your home need an insulation topper?

Every home is different.

That’s why you need to have an expert come in to assess your insulation’s existing condition.

Once they’ve determined the cause of your energy loss and the potential areas for improvement, then you’ll be able to enter into conversations about your best next steps.

Candidates that benefit from insulation toppers aren’t confined to just blown cellulose insulation. Our experts are able to add extra layers of insulation to any kind that has previously been laid, if that insulation is in good condition.

While we absolutely look at every situation carefully before making a recommendation for the best insulation for YOUR house, we always highly recommend blown cellulose insulation.

You can read about the advantages of that specific type—which works really well as both a topper and a primary insulation—here.

While attics are the major player in the insulation game, many of our insulation topper customers need the additional R-Value mainly in their crawl spaces, which often go unchecked for years—sometimes even decades—and can almost always use additional insulation.

Did you know that BNG Heating & Cooling gives free estimates on home insulation AND we offer financing to qualified buyers?

We do this because it’s our mission to make sure that our customers save energy and get the most out of their high-efficiency HVAC systems.

Give us a call or go online to schedule your consultation. It may be time for an insulation topper!

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