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  • a small house covered in a blanket and sitting on top of money

    Save On Your Energy Bills This Winter

    Home comfort is our passion. Because of that, we’re devastated to come across families—every single winter—who are freezing in their homes and spending way too much money on energy bills because they didn’t prepare for the cold winter months. We want your home to be …

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  • a home air conditioning unit outside a house

    HVAC System Replacement: FAQ

    When you invest in a top-notch heating and cooling system, you expect it to serve your family well for a very, very long time. Eventually, however, you have to notice the signs that it’s time to replace your unit. Here are the questions that we’re …

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  • HVAC and Air Conditioning Myths versus Facts

    Common HVAC Myths

    As Halloween approaches, we see more and more of the same horrors: ghosts and ghouls roaming the earth, zombies craving brains, and people who don’t know they can leave their AC on when they leave the house! Oh the horror! If the most terrifying thing …

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  • Fall Weather Decorations and Home

    Bring on the FALL

    With cooling temperatures, fall is a great time to tackle some home maintenance tasks that you may have been putting off. Getting these done now will help you get ahead of holiday crunch-time and bad winter weather; once you’ve checked these off your list, you’ll …

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  • Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioner

    Maximizing your HVAC unit’s efficiency while saving money

    If there were a magic thermostat, keeping your house comfortable and your energy bill low would be easy. This thermostat would know to anticipate your every move, knowing when you come and go, tracking outdoor humidity levels and watching the calendar to adjust by one …

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