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Water Heaters

heaterfamilyBNG can install a wide variety of gas or electric water heaters to fit your budget and lifestyle. We sell energy efficient models that can pay for themselves over time in savings. There are less expensive models for the budget-conscious consumer. We have large tank water heaters that can provide hot water to numerous locations in your home at once. We sell several makes and models of various kinds of water heaters. Call us to get a recommendation from one of our trained professionals.

electric1“Tankless” water heaters like this one can save you money by reducing your energy bills. They cost a little bit more upfront than traditional water heaters, but instead of paying to keep the tank full of water hot all the time it heats the water only when needed.  For this reason tankless water heaters are also known as “on demand” water heaters.  These are best if you expect to only need hot water in one or two locations at a time in your home.  They can also be connected in series so that they are able to provide more gallons per minute of hot water.  Unlike tank heaters a tankless heater won’t “run out of hot water.”

Call one of our trained Comfort Specialists to evaluate the best water heater for your family or business in Boonville, Newburgh, Evansville, Rockport, and Santa Claus, Indiana!