A woman is changing a furnace filter to prevent unit overheating..

Unit Overheating? 4 Reasons Why

Taking care of your unit might help avoid problems like overheating in the future. When a unit is neglected, it frequently develops problems that impair its performance. It is important to understand the causes of an overheated system in order to find a suitable solution. There are four factors that contribute to a unit overheating.

Clogged Filter

To keep dust and grime out of units, air filters are used. Poor indoor air quality is caused by clogged air filters, making a home uncomfortable. Clogged air filters can also lead to increased energy bills because the system needs to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. It can also lead to overheating, which can lead to the entire system failing.

Accumulation of Dirt

The condenser coil collects and condenses vaporized refrigerant inside the house by transporting it away from the unit. Allowing dust to collect inside the condenser coil can lead to failure and overheating. When this happens, the system works overtime to maintain the proper temperature, resulting in higher energy expenses. Allowing a professional to inspect and clean the condenser coil on a regular basis, can prevent this issue before the entire system fails.

Old System

Heating and cooling units, like all other machines and technologies, have a limited lifespan. When a system reaches the end of its useful life, its performance can suffer. As a result, the already worn components may begin to overheat and fail to regulate the temperature in your home. To minimize overheating problems, it’s essential to replace a unit that’s nearing the end of its useful life. A unit’s lifespan varies depending on its quality and manufacturer. Before they start misbehaving, the majority of them live for 15 to 20 years. Overheating could indicate that the unit has reached the end of its useful life.

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Refrigerant Leak

The ability of a unit to keep a space comfortable can be harmed by refrigerant leakage. The unit is forced to overwork due to a lack of or inadequate refrigerant, resulting in overheating problems. Having the unit inspected by a professional on a regular basis will help prevent refrigerant leaks and other safety concerns.

Professional Help for Unit Overheating

If your system is overheating, it is advisable to contact a professional heating and cooling specialist. Our team at BNG can solve the problem with your system to ensure it is in good working order.