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Why Is My AC Tripping the Breaker?

Figuring out why your air conditioner is tripping the breaker or blowing a fuse can be very challenging under the stress of facing an electrical issue. Here are some possible reasons and solutions you may consider.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Tripping the Breaker or Blowing a Fuse

  • Filter is dirty: Yes, that appears to be overly simple, doesn’t it? When your air conditioner is working overtime to cool your home on hot days, a dirty air filter might trigger a blown fuse. The additional pressure placed on your system to force air through a clogged filter will put an excessive amount of strain on your electrical system. To safeguard itself, the electrical system will trip or blow a fuse.
  • Air Conditioner Is Tripping the Breaker or Blowing a FuseElectrical connections aren’t tight: Temperature changes can cause the connections within your breaker box to loosen. Temperature variations might cause the wires to expand and shrink, loosening them.
  • Refrigerant level is low: When your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it needs to work significantly harder. This additional work may cause your system to malfunction. You could have a refrigerant leak, which would explain your low refrigerant. If you suspect this is the issue, it’s best to have a professional examine your system.
  • Capacitor isn’t working: The capacitor is a little component that helps regulate electrical flow in your cooling system. Fuses will often be blown if the capacitor isn’t working properly.
  • Condenser fan isn’t working properly: A condenser fan operates by blowing air across the condenser coil in your system. Your system will not be able to cool adequately if this fan fails. You may face blown fuses and electrical troubles when your air conditioner works harder to chill your home.

As you can see, several of these issues can be resolved with minor adjustments, such as changing the air filter. Any electrical problems should be diagnosed by a skilled HVAC technician from BNG. Attempting to solve electrical issues on your own could result in property damage, costly repairs, or the replacement of your air conditioning system. It has the potential to completely ruin your home’s electrical system.

Problems That Could Be Resolved With a Do-It-Yourself Approach

While it’s nearly always best to leave electrical issues to the professionals, there are a few fairly easy causes for AC-related breaker trips that can be resolved quickly:

  • Dirty filter: The filter in your system is in charge of ensuring that air flow is as efficient as possible. When it becomes clogged or blocked, your cooling system will struggle to keep up, working harder than usual and drawing more power. A trip is a usual result when this happens. Call us if you need help choosing which filter is right for your system. 812-758-4132
  • Outdoor unit is clogged: The outside unit can become blocked with grass clippings from mowing or leaves dropping from adjacent trees, which is a similar problem to what we discussed previously. If the outdoor unit is unclean, it restricts flow and affects thermal transfer efficiency, causing the AC to overwork.
  • Single trip: A single breaker trip is usually little more than a small inconvenience. You only need to re-engage your breaker if it trips once. It’s when the problem occurs repeatedly that it becomes a major issue.

Issues That Require the Expertise of a Professional

The following are the most typical difficulties that necessitate the services of our qualified BNG repair team.

  • Leaking refrigerant: A lack of refrigerant has the same effect as a dirty filter, causing your system to work excessively hard. However, refrigerant leak repair is a job best left to the pros.
  • The breaker is either broken or old: It’s also possible that the issue isn’t with the cooling system, but with the breaker panel. When the panel becomes too old or weak to meet the needs of your home, it will start tripping far too frequently. If this is the case, other breakers besides the AC breaker are likely tripping.
  • Motor Shorts: Electric motors exert themselves for a long time. If the fan overheats, the breaker will frequently trip until the motor is serviced.

We Have a Maintenance Plan That’s Right for You

Hiring a professional to help keep things running smoothly is essential to keep your HVAC system healthy and running efficiently. Most problems and home HVAC maintenance can easily be completed DIY, but a competent professional has the knowledge and experience to run more complex fixes. The technician will have the tools and equipment to handle the hazardous coolant and diagnose any leakages or electrical problems. A professional inspection will find signs of trouble well before they happen, saving you thousands in repair or replacement costs. They will inspect the blower motor, refrigerant levels and observe the thermostat to ensure the proper operation and can make recommendations as needed.

Staying on top of your HVAC maintenance will save you time, money and hassle as well as create a home environment that is comfortable and welcoming. Spend some time at the beginning of each season to go through the recommended maintenance and the “heart” of your family’s home, as well as your pocketbook, will thank you.


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