Air Conditioning Tips for Hosting a Big Party

Have you ever heard that you’re supposed to turn down the temperature in your home a few hours before you host a party? If not, this weekend is definitely time to learn about the common practice, as homes across the country will be filling with football fans—and with non-football fans—to watch the Super Bowl together!

Why do it?

Because people generate heat, and when grouped together, that heat multiplies. It’s estimated that just one person produces heat at a rate equivalent with a 100 Watt bulb per hour. So, when you look at your living room filled with 25 of your closest football fan friends, imagine it filled with 25 light bulbs, burning bright for at least 4 hours.

And, if the game is especially exciting, you can imagine those light bulbs burning even more brightly! When they’re jumping off the couch or yelling at the referees, your guests’ body temperatures will spike, contributing to even more heat released into the air of your house.

Some of the heat may also come from sources other than your guests, since having guests usually goes along with cooking up a storm for them! Having all your ovens and stoves blazing throughout the day will certainly contribute to the temperature of the room, so consider making some party dishes that don’t require heat from all your large appliances.

A Little Prep Goes a Long Way

We know—altering your Sunday menu to avoid excess heat, especially at the beginning of February, sounds a little dramatic. But we’re HVAC experts and truly believe that every little effort counts in the game of energy efficiency.

It may take a while for the actual temperature to rise in the room, and if you’ve forgotten to set the temperature lower before the party began, your system will have to work harder to get the air back down to a comfortable temperature. This will take some time, during which your guests will be suffering just about as much as your energy bills.

So, be smart! Go ahead and prepare your home for the loud and exciting party that we’ve come to expect from Super Bowl Sunday.
And if you’re planning to host and your air already isn’t working with complete efficiency, don’t hesitate to call the experts at BNG Heating & Cooling for an expert inspection.

We’re open 24/7 for emergencies—so you can give us a call to have your home ready for guests ASAP

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