Are your floors colder than they should be?

Do you dread walking on your tile floors when it’s cold outside? We may have the solution that will completely improve the comfort of your home this winter!

Some types of flooring are, of course, naturally cooler to the touch than others (you wouldn’t be quite as alarmed at cold wood floors as you would be to find cold carpeted floors!). But you shouldn’t be living with floors that are unbearable to walk on and that may be affecting the temperature of the rest of your home.

We’ll break it down for you:

What is Crawlspace?

First – you should understand the purpose of a crawlspace. It’s a small area underneath houses, in the attics of houses, and sometimes between the walls of houses, created to provide a space for air circulation through the home in addition to access to plumbing and electric.

When your crawlspaces are not insulated, poorly insulated, or have damaged or deteriorated insulation, something called the “stack effect” occurs, and the hot air produced by your HVAC unit is pulled through your uninsulated crawlspaces and released into the air outside of your house.

Conversely, the cold air from outside will be pulled inside.

Hint: that’s why homes with poor insulation really stand out after a snowstorm.

It’s also the reason why you walk on cold floors that are nearly unbearable! When that space beneath the floor is uninsulated, there is no buffer between the conducting properties of your floor and the cold air running beneath it.

Inefficient Insulation

Maybe you’re thinking that poor insulation can’t be the reason why your floors are cold – because you know there’s tons of insulation in your crawl spaces!

If that’s the case, your problem may be that you have fiberglass insulation that has become ineffective after absorbing humidity and condensation from the summer heat.

You would be wise to replace that fiberglass insulation with specialized crawlspace insulation methods, even if you haven’t yet experienced the discomfort that cold floors can create.

Making this change could save you thousands in energy bills, give you an opportunity to make sure that your important crawlspaces are in tip-top condition, and make your home a more pleasant, comfortable space during the winter months.

If you’d like an expert inspection on your home’s crawlspaces and insulation before the worst of the winter weather heads our way, call BNG Heating & Cooling. We can pinpoint the areas of your home that are the biggest expenses in your energy bills, and provide solutions that will keep your feet warm (and your wallet well insulated) all winter long!

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