Prepare for power outages

When the power goes out at your home or business, a Kohler natural gas stand-by generator can get the power back on in seconds, rather than hours!

For most Americans, electricity is a necessity, not an option, in our daily lives. We depend on electricity for refrigerators and freezers, heating and cooling our homes and businesses, heating water, cooking, and entertainment. Most of us are lost without it when there is a power outage!

Portable generators are limited in the amount of power they can supply, and they are a hassle to set up– requiring getting it out of storage, dragging it to the power panel, hooking it up to whatever items run want to run, then finding out (OH NO!) it won’t start! With a natural gas standby generator, you don’t have to do anything to get the power back on in seconds! Everything is automatic!

Kohler Natural Gas Stand-by generators come in several sizes to meet both your power needs and your budget. And professional installation by BNG gives you peace of mind that power will be available when you need it. We have professionally-trained Kohler installation technicians, and 24/7 emergency service. Now is the time to get a free evaluation and quote on a new generator for your home or business…before the power goes out again!

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