Benefits of Purchasing a Home Generator

Benefits of Purchasing a Home Generator

With the changing seasons, springtime storms become a common occurrence. Whether expected or not, storms are a concern for many families, especially in the Midwest. One major consequence of these storms is the dreaded power outage. With a whole house generator, you can rest assured that your power will automatically come back on. In these times of uncertain weather, let BNG help make certain that you understand the benefits of purchasing a home generator.


Benefits of Purchasing a Home Generator - Blog Post

Improved Safety

Safety is a top priority for every family. When dangerous weather strikes, you want to know your home will stay powered through it all. Power outages increase the risk of slips, falls, and bumping into things. You should not have to worry about struggling to find your way around your home.

Power outages can also disable home security systems, leaving your house unprotected from break-ins.


Saves Money

You might wonder how a home generator saves money given its upfront cost. Think about the long-term savings. During an outage, there’s no telling when power will return. Think of all of the food or medications that require storage in your fridge and freezer. Hundreds of dollars go down the drain on top of paying to replace the food you just lost. With a home generator, your fridge and freezer will start back up, so you don’t have to worry about spoilage.

Also, you have to think about the damage the power outages can do to your home. Storms do not always happen in the springtime. Winter storms can be especially harsh. Without power, pipes can freeze and burst, leading to expensive repairs. A home generator keeps your pipes at the right temperature, reducing stress and potential damage.



While some people use portable generators, a whole house generator is more efficient. Portable generators can only run for a limited time. A whole house generator provides continuous power, keeping your home running smoothly. These generators integrate with your home’s electrical system, allowing you to direct power where it’s needed most, avoiding waste.


BNG Is Here To Help You Purchase a Home Generator

At BNG, we understand the significance of safety, money, and efficiency. Let us show you the benefits of purchasing a home generator. Contact us today to ask about our home generators and our installation options.