The Best Furnace for YOUR Home

When our customers ask what kind of furnace we recommend, the answer is easy: natural gas, of course!

The energy efficiency offered by natural gas is unmatched by oil and electric options. Here’s why:

Natural gas is more affordable.   

The high level of energy efficiency offered by natural gas furnaces save homeowners on energy bills, and not by a small amount.

This Scientific American article cites that the average American homeowner will pay only about $732 to heat their home with gas this winter, as opposed to the $2,535 that homeowners with oil heating will pay.

We choose natural gas furnaces for our clients not only because they are the most efficient and affordable but because our region of Indiana experiences weather that natural gas furnaces are well-suited to handle.

While many homeowners choose to use oil furnaces, we advise our clients to take note of the rising costs of oil and the stability of natural gas’s low price.

Simply put—investing in natural gas is a safer bet.

As a second choice, we recommend heat pumps over electric furnaces.

If gas is not available, we always direct our clients to learn more about the energy-efficient option they have in heat pumps.

Electric furnaces may have a lower up-front installation and equipment cost, the cost over time is much more expensive than with natural gas or heat pumps.

Because Indiana’s climate is generally moderate, we’re able to get really good “bang for your buck” with heat pumps.

Heat pumps do use electricity, but far less than electric furnaces do, allowing the cost of heating your home to stay on the lower side.

Want to talk directly to one of our experts?

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