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  • a semi truck driver in an air conditioned truck

    How Semi-Trucks Stay Cool

    As heating and cooling enthusiasts, we at BNG Heating & Cooling have always been interested in how truck drivers stay cool during the summer nights when they’re parked for a good night’s sleep. Do they keep their trucks running? Do they have special AC units? …

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  • a technician fixing a rooftop hvac system

    What Exactly Can We Do for Your Business?

    You may have heard the buzz about how BNG Heating and Cooling is the Tri-State Area’s choice for business HVAC support. Today, we’re telling you all that comes with that support! Comprehensive Servicing Our experts have seen it all! If it’s a small office building …

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  • a tech working on a hvac unit

    What Does HVAC Stand For?

    We promise—it’s not a silly question! We get asked this all the time, so we thought it would make a great blog.   Heating You may have guessed this one. It seems simple, but there’s a whole family of heating mechanisms wrapped into this part …

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  • two commercial hvac techs at a job site

    3 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose BNG

    We have a strong reputation as the area’s “go-to” for home comfort specialization, but customers are sometimes surprised to learn that we spend a lot of our time servicing the businesses of the Tri-State area! Here are some of the things that make business owners …

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  • a home air conditioning unit outside a house

    HVAC System Replacement: FAQ

    When you invest in a top-notch heating and cooling system, you expect it to serve your family well for a very, very long time. Eventually, however, you have to notice the signs that it’s time to replace your unit. Here are the questions that we’re …

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  • graphic showing how to clean an air conditioner

    Did You Clean THERE? If Not, Your Bills May Be Suffering.

    We know that we talk about your energy bills all the time, but it’s only because we know what a vital role your HVAC system, insulation, and maintenance plays in your home’s energy efficiency. Basically, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our customers are …

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  • a man and a woman sitting on a couch

    Signs That Your Home Isn’t as Comfortable as It Should Be

    Your home, however big or small, is your palace! It’s the place that you get to call your own—that you get to fill with your favorite, most special belongings and even with your favorite people. If you experience any of these scenarios in your home, …

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  • AC Cover Link

    Why you shouldn’t use an AC cover!

    Every year, one of the most “heated” conversations about air conditioning units isn’t what temperature to set the thermostat to, but instead whether they should be covered up during the fall and winter seasons. We’ve heard all the arguments, from aesthetics to ice, but all …

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  • Cold In Office Stock

    Why Is Your Office So Cold In the Summer?

    Summers are hot in Indiana, but many of us find ourselves bundling up in the office with cardigans and jackets, even when the heat index tops 100 degrees! As temperatures outside rise, most corporate office buildings become hermetically sealed, air-conditioned ice cubes, forcing workers everywhere …

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  • a grayscale photo of an old home

    How Homes Kept Cool Before AC

    The end of June is the time of year when we start to appreciate our air conditioner again, with summer’s soaring temperatures and unbearable humidity just around the corner. Today, over 80% of American households have AC units to provide comfort at the flip of …

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