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  • How Viruses Spread and Why Air Purifiers Can Help

                    What Air Filtration Systems Can Do To Reduce Virus Particles Most viruses spread via person-to-person contact, and most often through the air (coughs, sneezes, etc.), according to the CDC. Water vapor attached to the virus particles are …

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  • The Benefits of Managing Your Home’s Air Quality

    Would you say that you take your home’s air quality seriously enough?  With so much on your plate it’s easy to neglect or flat out forget to take care of your home’s air quality.  Traces of particle allergens, chemical pollutants, mold, harmful bacteria, carbon monoxide …

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    How UV-C Lamps Purify Air and Save Money

    This month, we’re running a special on UV-C Lamps—both Bryant UV-C Lamps and other brands! We’ve found that many of our customers aren’t aware of the major benefits of using these lamps in your house, so we thought we’d write a quick blog post to …

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  • a diagram showing how plasma cleans air

    How We Use Cold Plasma to Blast Germs in Your Home

    You may know that air conditioners work to purify the air in your home—it’s one of the most important features of a comfortable, air conditioned home! What you may not know is that, however frequently you change your air filters and scrub the counters and …

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    How To: Keep Pollen Out of Your House

    Raise your hand if spring allergies are your biggest enemy right now! 🙋🏽 You’re in good company! With last year’s allergy seasons being one of our worst, we’re all a little more weary of the threat of all this pollen infiltrating our homes. As you …

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    How To Purify the Air in Your Home

    Is your home prone to dust? Do you have pets? Even without these two indoor air pollution culprits, your home is still hosting allergens and chemicals that can negatively impact your health. The great news is that BNG has been dedicated to creating comfortable, clean, …

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  • women sneezing outdoors

    Preparing Your Home for Spring Allergies

    Sneezing? Scratchy throat? Watery eyes? You’re not alone! Allergies affect more than 20 percent of Americans. Medications can help relieve allergy symptoms, but removing irritants from your home is a much more effective way to stop your stuffy nose, headache, itchy eyes, and shortness of …

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  • Green plants can help clean air

    Clean Your Air, Naturally

    We tend to think of air pollution as something outside – smog, ozone, or haze hanging in the air, especially in summertime. But the truth is, the air inside homes, offices, and other buildings can be more polluted than the air outside, including pollution by …

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