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    Resolve to SAVE Next Year

    It’s time to make some new year’s resolutions! We’re here to tell you that making your savings account a priority is easier than you think—most people are spending WAY too much money on their home comfort! Here are our tips for lowering those monthly energy …

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    The Price You Pay for an Old Thermostat

    We know what you’re thinking—this is just a sales pitch for an HVAC company to sell you a new thermostat. The truth is that we’re always reminding our customers to update their thermostats because we see, time after time, how the upgrade significantly impacts our …

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    Save On Your Energy Bills This Winter

    Home comfort is our passion. Because of that, we’re devastated to come across families—every single winter—who are freezing in their homes and spending way too much money on energy bills because they didn’t prepare for the cold winter months. We want your home to be …

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    The Homeowner’s Fall Preparedness Checklist

    Last month, we covered all the fall maintenance projects that you’re getting all wrong. This month, we wanted to give you one, concise list that tells you everything you need to do when you’re preparing your home to be in tip-top shape throughout the winter …

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  • a technician caulking a window

    How To: Seal Your Windows for Energy Savings

    Sometimes we hear from our customers that they’ve done all they can to ensure energy efficiency, but they still see an unnecessary uptick in their energy bills when cooler weather comes around. They’ve made sure their insulation is healthy (even in crawlspaces and attics!) This …

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    The Homeowner Vacation Checklist

    During the summer, our customers often ask us for our professional tips on how to leave their HVAC units when they leave home for vacation. We thought we’d share those tips and give you an easy checklist, so that you never have to come home …

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  • a family inspects a potential new home

    How to Be Sure Your New Home Isn’t an Energy-Suck

    Buying a home is an incredibly exciting move, but it can also be really stressful for first-timers. The biggest mistake you can make is to find a home that is seemingly perfect, but that is an energy-suck—and the worst part? Most people don’t figure that …

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  • Comparison Of Fiberglass And Cellulose Insulation

    Energy Efficiency Extras

    It’s often said that “it’s all about the details” in life. At BNG Heating & Cooling, we couldn’t agree more when it comes to providing great heating and air conditioning service. Many of our customers know to take good care of their HVAC systems, but …

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