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  • a row of air conditioning units

    The Surprising Lifespan of Your HVAC Unit

    When you’re shopping for a new house, it’s exciting to imagine yourself working in your new kitchen, reading books for your kids’ bedtime in their sweet new rooms, or being more productive than ever in an office space that’s entirely your own. What people often …

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  • a woman adjusting a smart thermostat

    When You Should Be Adjusting Your Thermostat

    Are you the type of person who sets the thermostat to 71° and “Auto” then never touches it again? Or are you the kind of person who is constantly adjusting the thermostat throughout the day? Well, we’re here to tell you that neither of these …

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  • small home wrapped in a red scarf

    How To Keep Your Home Warm During an Outage

    It’s winter in the midwest, and you know what that means: severe storms and inconvenient power outages! When these storm systems hit us in the bitter cold, the threat of losing power—and heat to our homes—can become dire. Make sure to read these tips, so …

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  • a back patio in fall weather

    Is Your Home Ready for the Bitter Cold?

    It’s almost that time of year! Time to make the rounds at your house and make sure that it’s ready to withstand the colder temperatures ahead. Cover the basics. If you’re going into the winter months without making sure that your home is properly insulated …

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    The Best Furnace for YOUR Home

    When our customers ask what kind of furnace we recommend, the answer is easy: natural gas, of course! The energy efficiency offered by natural gas is unmatched by oil and electric options. Here’s why: Natural gas is more affordable.    The high level of energy …

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  • a technician replacing a furnace filter

    Your Guide to Furnace Filters

    The air filters that you walk past every day—in the wall or on the floor of your common areas—are easy to remember. It’s pretty noticeable when air isn’t flowing as freely or when there’s a musty scent filling the room. We find that most of …

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