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  • Pet Owners: Is Your Air Quality Under Control?

    You love them, you really do. But sometimes your furry friend’s dander makes the air in your house less-than-optimal. Don’t sacrifice clean, conditioned air just because you love having your pets inside. Here are some steps you can take in order to have the best …

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  • Indoor Allergy and Air Quality Concerns

    Filter Through Fall Allergies Indoors

    We can’t wait for some relief from the summer heat, but with great seasonal change comes great allergen irritation for many people, some of whom may have never experienced allergy season before. Half of all allergy sufferers in the United States are diagnosed after age …

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  • Pure Air At Last (Part 3)

    So we covered death rays and holey carbon, now lets talk about how these two work together with the last component of the APCO In-duct Air Purifier system, titanium dioxide (TiO2). TiO2 is also present in the activated carbon. This is important because as you …

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  • Pure Air At Last (Part 2)

    Last time we talked about solar death rays fighting off hordes of bacteria, mold and viruses.  This time lets discuss smells; all the bad ones that slowly build up in your home.  Smells are powerful.  Research has shown that smells are the sense that is most strongly …

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  • Pure Air At Last (Part 1)

    Let’s talk about air. Not just air, but clean air. BNG has always offered a wide variety of products to clean and purify your air. We would like to introduce a new product, the APCO In-Duct Air Purifier from Freshaire UV, winner of the AHR …

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