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  • a back patio in fall weather

    Is Your Home Ready for the Bitter Cold?

    It’s almost that time of year! Time to make the rounds at your house and make sure that it’s ready to withstand the colder temperatures ahead. Cover the basics. If you’re going into the winter months without making sure that your home is properly insulated …

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  • two diagrams of homes

    Is Your Home Losing Heat?

    When it snows, have you ever noticed how some houses collect snow on the roof and other houses don’t collect any? As heating & cooling experts, our hearts break when we see the houses with no snow on their roof. Why? Because those houses are …

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  • a man measuring roofing insulation

    What is an insulation “topper,” and do you need it?

    When the only problem with your insulation is that it has deteriorated over time or shifted in a way that has exposed some holes in its layers of protection, the experts at BNG Heating & Cooling often suggest installing an insulation topper. The topper is …

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  • interior of a home

    An Energy-Efficient Sunroom

    It’s sunroom season! If this sunny weather has you thinking about building an addition onto your house, we’ve got some tips that you should pay attention to, if you want your sunroom to be as energy-efficient as possible. Already have a sunroom? Even without any …

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  • a car window heat reflector

    Rethinking Insulation: Infrared Light

    As summertime approaches, you’ll begin to see these dear old friends pop into car windshields. Maybe you faithfully keep one in your own car? At BNG, we’re encouraging you to take notice of these this summer, and be reminded of how the same concept applies …

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  • 11 28 Nov Blog 2 Link

    Are your floors colder than they should be?

    Do you dread walking on your tile floors when it’s cold outside? We may have the solution that will completely improve the comfort of your home this winter! Some types of flooring are, of course, naturally cooler to the touch than others (you wouldn’t be …

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  • picture of roofing insulation

    How does insulation deteriorate over time?

    First, it’s important that you understand exactly how insulation works. To put it simply, it’s a layer of protection between your walls that keeps your inside temperature comfortable by taking the beating of hot air in summer and cold air in winter. Since insulation is …

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  • Attic App Nice

    The Inside Scoop On Insulation

    Some of the most important parts of your home or business are those that are hard to see, hiding behind walls or under floorboards, but intrinsic to keeping your home comfortable, safe, and secure. Your insulation and weatherization are often relegated to the sidelines of …

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  • Blown Insulation in a new construction

    Insulation and Crawl-Space Weatherization

    The most important parts of your home or business are the things you can’t see, like the time you spend there together and the fun memories you create. While only you can create those intangibles, we’re here to help with the other things you can’t …

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  • Fall Weather Decorations and Home

    Bring on the FALL

    With cooling temperatures, fall is a great time to tackle some home maintenance tasks that you may have been putting off. Getting these done now will help you get ahead of holiday crunch-time and bad winter weather; once you’ve checked these off your list, you’ll …

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