Don’t Get Left In The Dark!

We all know what a hassle it is when the power goes out in Tri-State area! In the past, enduring a power outage was as simple as starting the fireplace, but not anymore. Without electricity, basements can flood and security systems can falter. We often don’t realize how much we rely on electricity until it’s gone. If you’ve ever considered adding a backup generator to your home for these times, there are a number of questions to consider: the size needed for your home or business, whether to choose portable or automatic, brand, and who to trust to install it right! At BNG Heating and Cooling, our HVAC professionals can help you answer all these questions, contact us today!

So, what size generator do you need? Generally most homes and small businesses can be adequately supplied by a 20kW generator. This size is available in both portable and built-in standby model. However, while portable generators may seem convenient, they are a big hassle for homeowners. Having to drag your generator out of storage, continuously refuel it from a gas can, and dealing with a dead battery in the middle of the dark are all reasons why we recommend a standby generator to all our clients.

An Automatic Natural Gas or Propane Standby model can provide long-term power as well as 24/7 blackout protection, whether you’re home or away. When the power goes out, they turn on in seconds! Home standby generators are permanently installed and operate on an existing fuel supply, usually either natural gas or liquid propane gas. These generators can be sized to run your whole house, from air conditioning to all lights to computers to refrigerators and freezers, or sized down and set-up for essentials only. At BNG, we can find the right generator for your needs and your budget.

As for which brand to pick, BNG recommends Kohler! Kohler makes generators that range from 14kW to 125kW that run on natural gas or propane and can be installed with automatic transfer switches that sense when the power has gone out and automatically switch over to generator power in a matter of seconds, whether you are there or not! And with their 5-Year warranty, these Made in the USA generators are trusted by NOAA/National Weather Service stations and many of the nation’s airports!

If you value the safety and security of your home, making the informed choice about a backup generator is a no-brainer! And when you call BNG, we’ll send our experts to your home or office to do a free assessment of the size and type of generator that would suit you best. Don’t wait for storm season, contact us today!

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