The Single Piece of Equipment that Saves You Thousands

Do you know what a surge protector is? No, not the outlet strips that get tangled behind the television! Those are designed to manage small variations in voltage that your many household electrical items may require.

What we’re talking about are surge protectors that are more robust! Our devices affix to your HVAC unit to make sure that, if lightning strikes or there’s a sudden electrical event in your home, your unit will be protected from being damaged or destroyed. They’re important to have, because the small price you pay to protect your unit could save you thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs.

We’re often asked: “If you’re at risk for lightning striking, wouldn’t you want your entire home protected?” If this is a major concern for your home, it may be worth the investment to have a whole-house surge protector installed. These, however, are incredibly expensive and not a viable option for many of us.

The surge protectors we offer are simple to install and affordable. They’re a simple way to protect one of the most vital components of your home.

The only catch? Once these surge protectors have done their job and successfully absorbed the electric shock headed towards your unit, they have to be replaced. That’s why recommend getting yours checked for replacement at your maintenance visits. Yours may have already protected you without you even knowing it!

Make the smart move and take advantage of our June offer! This month only, you can get $10 off up to three units. Stock up!

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