Fall is Coming! Don’t Forget To…

Summer was great, but aren’t we all ready for things to cool off a bit?

Every season change, we like to remind our customers that there are a few things they need to be doing to get their homes ready for what’s ahead. For the fall, there are just a few crucial things.

Clean those gutters.

Gutters are easy to forget about, but, trust us, you’ll regret forgetting about them once fall debris keeps them from working properly. You should be cleaning them regularly, but it’s especially important to make sure they’re clear and in working order before we’re in the thick of winter. Why? Because clean gutters help to prevent ice overflow, which can melt onto the outdoor A/C unit and refreeze in the unit and cause unnecessary damage.

Replace your air filters.

We can’t preach this one enough! Regularly cleaning your air filters not only helps you save on energy bills, but it also ensures that your family is breathing in quality air at home.

Getting fresh filters at the beginning of fall is important because winter is about to push your family indoors. That means that air pollutants will collect and circulate at an even higher rate than in summer. You’ll be thankful to have a fresh set of filters before this begins.

Clean the HVAC unit.

Over the summer, debris collects in your unit that will need to be washed away to ensure your HVAC unit’s optimal performance this fall. It’s pretty easy to clear away excess leaves and other obvious debris yourself, but you’ll want to be sure to get your system a complete professional maintenance checkup twice a year. As part of our maintenance plan visits, we always check various electrical components, refrigerant levels, and do a deep cleaning of your unit.

Start preparing for winter.

While you’ll want to go through most of this checklist again before winter, it’s also smart to check this list of ways that you can save money in the winter and create a fall checklist accordingly. It will be much more enjoyable to re-insulate your home or to spend an afternoon sealing your openings when it’s 60 degrees outside than when you’re in the thick of winter!

Thinking of getting a new system this year?

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