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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d like you to be informed. Click to show the answers to all of your burning questions…well, the answers to these frequently asked heating and air conditioning questions anyway. If you don’t find your answer here, Leave a Reply or Contact Us.

How much do you charge for a service call?
What is a Diagnostic Charge for?
What happens if I don’t want the problem fixed?
How long will I have to wait for a technician to get here?
Do you offer a maintenance plan?
How much do you charge for an estimate?
Do you work on brands other than Bryant?
What if I can’t afford to pay for everything up front? Do you offer financing?
I am having a problem with my generator, can you help?
My air filter is old and dirty, do you sell replacement filters?
Will you try to keep my home clean when you are working there?
Do I have to mess with all the warranty paperwork for my BNG installed equipment?
Do I have to be there when you make the service call?