Fight the Winter Cold and Flu

Fight the Winter Cold and Flu

Fight the Winter Cold and Flu with your Heating and Air Ventilation? Yes you can!

Winter is synonymous with the flu season, and the risk of catching a cold or flu is higher during this time, particularly this year. Are you prepared to navigate the epicenter of illness without succumbing to infection? Find out out how you can fight the winter cold and flu with HVAC solutions.


Fight the Winter Cold and Flu with HVAC Solutions


It’s Simple: Run Your HVAC System

While saving on heating bills is appealing, running your HVAC system consistently, whether hot or cold, is a key preventive measure. Stagnant indoor air increases the likelihood of airborne virus transmission, akin to crowded subway cars. Embrace the coziness of indoor living, but ensure your indoor air remains fresh and healthy.

Integrate a Whole-House Humidifier

Combat the prevalence of flu and cold viruses during winter by addressing the dry air issue. Research indicates that adding moisture to the air reduces the contagiousness of viruses. A whole-house humidifier, connected to your water line and mounted in the HVAC system, distributes moisture evenly. Say goodbye to cold symptoms like sore throat, post-nasal drip, congestion, and scratchy voice.

Maintain a Warm Home, Especially After Being Outdoors

Temperature alone doesn’t deter viruses; they thrive regardless. However, cold weather weakens your body’s natural defenses, making you more susceptible. Ensure your home is adequately heated, especially when returning from the cold, to support your body’s defenses against infections.

Air Purifiers: Elevate Your Indoor Air Quality

Transform your ventilation system into an air purification powerhouse with the use of air purifiers. These devices, designed to enhance indoor air quality, effectively eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses. Choose from a variety of air purifiers available in the market to suit your preferences and needs.

Embrace a Healthier Approach

While traditional practices like getting a flu shot and enjoying warm chicken soup are commendable, don’t overlook the air you breathe. Follow these guidelines to give your immune system the best chance of surviving the cold and flu season unscathed. Consider installing a Whole-Home air purifier, humidifier, or both for added protection.