Kohler Generators: What You Need to Know

We all know what a hassle it is when the power goes out here in the Evansville and Newburgh areas! If you are thinking about adding a backup generator to your home, there are a number of questions to consider–size needed for your home or business, whether to choose portable or automatic, what brand, and who to trust to install it right! At BNG, our professionals can help you answer all of these questions.

The first question to consider is what size generator do you need?

Generally most of the homes and small businesses can be adequately supplied by a 20kW generator. Kohler makes generators that range from 14kW to 125kW that run on natural gas or propane and can be installed with automatic transfer switches that sense when the power has gone out and automatically switch over to generator power in a matter of seconds, whether you are there or not!

The second question is do you want a small portable generator or a built-in standby model?

The built in standby models offer a number of advantages over the portable models.

With Portable Power Generator models:

  • They require outdoor extension cords rated for the distance they have to travel, and a gas can to transport the fuel from the gas station
  • You have to find a gas station with power to fill tank up from–When the power is out, gas stations often cannot pump fuel!
  • You have to run a cord to each appliance you need to power, and the cords must run through an open door or window
  • You must continuously refuel, transporting gas from whatever gas stations are open and have fuel!
  • You must properly condition and store the generator for the next outage–fuel stored in the tank can cause a real problem

With Automatic Natural Gas or Propane Standby models:

  • You must hire a professional to install the generator
  • They run on LP or natural gas, which cost much less than gasoline
  • There is a 10 second delay for the generator to start, rather than the hour it might take to haul the portable generator from the shed, find all the extension cords
  • It starts automatically whether the customer is home or away
  • It can produce a higher power output than portable models, allowing you to run almost everything in your home
  • They have a better quality of power (important consideration for computers and modern appliances)
  • They are much quieter and safer

The final question you want to consider is what brand of generator you want to trust.  BNG recommends Kohler.  Kohler generators are made in the USA in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Kohler offers a 5-Year warranty, more reliability, better power quality, less interruption in power, and more maximum power than other brands.  We aren’t the only ones that trust Kohler either! NOAA/National Weather Service stations are backed up by residential models of Kohler generators. Industrial Kohler models are used to back up the nation’s airports. And while HomeDepot sells Generac brand generators, they trust Kohler to back up their stores’ power.

With these questions answered you are prepared to make an informed choice about the generator that you use to insure the safety and security of your home.  If you need any more information contact BNG by phone (812) 858-4000, using our form online or by email.  Our experts are prepared to answer all of your questions and help you back up your home’s power as soon as possible.  We will also send our experts to your home or office to do a free assessment of the size and type of generator that would suit you best.