Holiday Hosting: How to Keep Your Home Comfortable

The holidays are the best time of year, but let’s be honest. Hosting is HARD. From cleaning house to organizing a memorable menu, hosting can be a really big burden.

Your HVAC unit should be the last thing on our mind.

That’s why we compiled these tips—so that you don’t have to worry about making sure your company is comfortable when the day comes!

Strategize your cooking.

Did you know that the heat from a hardworking oven and stove can actually impact the temperature of your kitchen? You don’t have to use restaurant-level equipment to work up a sweat!

The heat from cooking, combined with the extra people you’ll likely have in your kitchen and dining areas will contribute to a stuffy (pun intended!) indoor temperature.

Check out this popular blog post to learn exactly how to set your thermometer when you’re expecting a crowd, and consider spreading out your cooking—either by delegating more menu items to other cooks or by making some dishes ahead of time—so that you’re not forced to use all stove burners and ovens at the same time.

Change your air filters.

Being consistent with changing air filters not only helps you save on energy bills, but it also ensures that the air quality in your home is comfortable. This is especially important if you have pets, smoke, or live in an area with high pollen concentrations.

People that you invite into your home during the holidays may be allergic to these elements, and you’d hate to be the cause of one of their reactions.

Get your fire alarms tested.

If this suggestion sounds a little over-the-top for you, consider the fact that kitchen fires spike during the holiday season.

Without properly-performing fire alarms, your home could become a part of that statistic. We offer this service because we know how crucial it is to the safety of your home.

Don’t sleep on this one.

Plan ahead.

While it’s not too late to implement some of these tips for this year’s festivities, you should make it a new year’s resolution to be more vigilant year-round about the health of your HVAC unit. When you have a maintenance plan with BNG Heating & Cooling, our technicians make regular appointments to inspect and maintain your HVAC unit.

That way, you can feel confident about your home comfort lasting through even the most crowded holidays!

Ready to get your home comfort back on track?

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