Managing Home Heat Loss

Is Your Home Losing Heat?

When it snows, have you ever noticed how some houses collect snow on the roof and other houses don’t collect any?

As heating & cooling experts, our hearts break when we see the houses with no snow on their roof.


Because those houses are releasing all the heat from inside through the roof, melting all the snow!

When this happens, the homeowners are wasting loads of money on heating the house, because the heat can’t stay contained inside.

At BNG Heating & Cooling, we specialize in the systems that keep up with your home’s heating needs, but we also specialize in preparing your home to contain that heat for optimal energy savings.

Here are the things our experts look for when identifying the sources of energy loss:

Uninsulated Crawl Spaces and Attics

We remind our customers of this, time and time again, because it’s one of the most common problems we run into when inspecting houses.

You don’t ever think about your crawl spaces, and you kind of expect your attic to be uncomfortable, so it’s easy to forget that they play an integral role in your total home comfort.

If you’ve never insulated them, or if the insulation there has deteriorated over time, you need to take action now. That may mean getting a full insulation installation, or just an insulation topper.

Broken Thermostats

Have you ever updated your thermostat from the one that came with your house?

Most people don’t think to do this. They’ll live with a finicky thermostat and learn all the tricks in the book for making it work before making a simple upgrade!

Sometimes, we’ll get calls to repair a broken system just to discover that the thermostat is the problem. If you think you’re ready for an upgrade, consider a truly smart thermostat—you’ll thank us later.

Air Leaks

Especially around doors and windows, unsealed crevices in your home are prime suspects for letting cold air in and hot air out!

You may hear a faint whistle of wind coming through these spots, but oftentimes you don’t realize at all that there’s an opening.

That’s why we recommend sealing these openings before winter becomes harsh. We wrote a blog with our best tips for sealing openings—check it out here.

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