The Homeowner Vacation Checklist

During the summer, our customers often ask us for our professional tips on how to leave their HVAC units when they leave home for vacation. We thought we’d share those tips and give you an easy checklist, so that you never have to come home to anything less than a comfortable, welcoming house!

Check the Unit Before Leaving

If your HVAC unit hasn’t been regularly maintenanced, you need to be sure to have an expert take a look at it before you leave for vacation. Of course you don’t expect your unit to break down while you’re away, but HVAC breakdowns are always, always unexpected. Trust us, you don’t want to come home from a vacation just to discover that your home has become an oven.

Looking like a lot of things are wrong with your unit? Here are some frequently asked questions about HVAC system replacement that you should consider before buying a whole new system.

Check Other Home Maintenance Priorities

While turning completely turning the water off is not entirely necessary, it does no harm and may offer you peace of mind while away for an extended period. Be sure to be careful when turning the water supply both off and back on, as to avoid the water hammer effect.

Yes, this includes cleaning in some unexpected places before you leave. We promise, you’ll be thankful that you did a little deep cleaning before your trip! You’d hate for something to happen and for someone else to discover that you’ve never cleaned behind the fridge. And, if nothing happens, you’ll get to come home to a spick-and-span house!

Set Your Thermostat Back—But Not Too Much

With nobody in the house to keep cool, you’d be wise to increase the temperature on your thermostat and save a few dollars on the next energy bill. However, people often turn their thermostats too high. When they do this, they come home to an uncomfortable house, and their AC has to work even harder to regain a comfortable temperature. We recommend only changing the temperature 5° above your normal temperature.

Put a Friend in Charge

You need to leave a friend in charge of your house, in charge of your delivery packages, and in charge of your pets. That way, you can trust that someone is within reach if anything bad happens. Be sure to leave them with a key to your house, as well as with a list of all important emergency contacts.

Need to have your system looked at before your big trip? Give us a call so that we can help you check that off your list!   


☐  HVAC working properly

☐  Water turned off

☐  Thermostat set back only slightly

☐  Give a close friend your key

☐  Give a close friend important contact info

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☐ Security Provider:

☐ Plumber:

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