How To: Keep Pollen Out of Your House

Raise your hand if spring allergies are your biggest enemy right now! 🙋🏽

You’re in good company! With last year’s allergy seasons being one of our worst, we’re all a little more weary of the threat of all this pollen infiltrating our homes. As you know, we at BNG Heating & Cooling are passionate about keeping your home comfortable! Here’s what we recommend to our customers who struggle with both indoor and outdoor allergies:

Give your house a deep clean.

There’s nothing better than starting with a clean slate. If you already have dust, pet hair, and dirt filling your house, you’re only spreading it around when your ventilation system circulates air. Do your best to deep clean or hire a professional to rid your home of these big offenders, and you’re already well on your way to a sniffle-free home.

Make sure you’ve changed your air filters.

What good will a clean home do if your filters are full of dust and dirt?! If you’ve given your house a deep clean but forgot to change your air filters, you can bet that there will be a layer of dust on all your shiny surfaces within a week. It’s even more important to change your filters before pollen fills the air because, if you don’t, you’re putting yourself at risk of breathing in pollen-filled air all day and throughout the night.

Schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment.

When you’re on one of our maintenance plans, an experienced technician is able to regularly check your system to make sure that it is a) running properly and that it is b) conditioning your air properly. We’re also able to assess whether you should invest in a more heavy-duty air purifier. It’s true that we often go “noseblind” to the smells in our house, and the same goes for how we become accustomed to the thick and muggy air in our house. It’s a really smart move to have a professional come in and asses your situation on a regular basis.

If you’re ready to make your home comfort, energy efficiency, and air purification a priority, then it’s time to give us a call. We’re ready to send one of our technicians to your house today!

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