How UV-C Lamps Purify Air and Save Money

This month, we’re running a special on UV-C Lamps—both Bryant UV-C Lamps and other brands! We’ve found that many of our customers aren’t aware of the major benefits of using these lamps in your house, so we thought we’d write a quick blog post to explain the most major benefits!

Sterilized Coil Surfaces

We know, we know. This sounds super technical!

While it’s hard to think about the tangible benefits of having sterilized coil surfaces in your A/C unit, you should trust that this makes a HUGE difference in your day-to-day health.


Because the coils in your unit are notorious for accumulating mold, dust, and other bio-contaminants. If you’re not regularly cleaning your coils, you’re likely allowing the germs and allergens from that accumulation to be blown throughout your home. Keeping a UV-C lamp in your system is the easiest and lowest-maintenance way to keep those coils clean!

Maximize Efficiency

While your lungs and your allergies will be thankful that the UV-C lamp is keeping those coils clean, your wallet will thank you for the increased efficiency you’ll also see!

It’s simple. A clean coil is a highly functioning coil! And a unit that is clean and functioning at its best will always save you money.

It’s Simple

Adding one of these lamps to your unit is simple—our experts do it all the time! And, even better, they’re affordable! This month, we’re offering $25 off when you buy one from us.

So, what’s stopping you?

Go ahead and give us a call so that we can bring you a new, affordable UV-C lamp on our next maintenance visit!

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