The team at BNG are leaders in the HVAC industry. Below are some great post about maintaining your system, tips on how to handle troubleshooting your air conditioning, and a number of offers for helping you keep your home or business comfortable!

What exactly happens on a maintenance visit?

We’re always reminding our customers that the best way to save money is to make sure you’re scheduling regular maintenance visits for your HVAC units. The idea seems counterintuitive to most: “Why would I pay money for a checkup if my system seems to be running fine?” The answer is that your system almost always […]

Our Thank You Note to YOU

It’s not lost on us that our company thrives because of the amazing people who make it go-round. In this season of gratefulness, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the things that our company is most grateful for! Family Did you know that BNG Heating & Cooling is a 3 generation, family-owned company? […]

Holiday Hosting: How to Keep Your Home Comfortable

The holidays are the best time of year, but let’s be honest. Hosting is HARD. From cleaning house to organizing a memorable menu, hosting can be a really big burden. Your HVAC unit should be the last thing on our mind. That’s why we compiled these tips—so that you don’t have to worry about making […]

Is Your Home Ready for the Bitter Cold?

It’s almost that time of year! Time to make the rounds at your house and make sure that it’s ready to withstand the colder temperatures ahead. Cover the basics. If you’re going into the winter months without making sure that your home is properly insulated and your basement and crawlspace pipes have been sufficiently wrapped, […]

Fall is Coming! Don’t Forget To…

Summer was great, but aren’t we all ready for things to cool off a bit? Every season change, we like to remind our customers that there are a few things they need to be doing to get their homes ready for what’s ahead. For the fall, there are just a few crucial things. Clean those […]

Tips for Weathering Storm Season in the MidWest

Whether you’re new to the Tri-State Area or you’ve been here your whole life, storm season always seems to catch our customers off guard. Remember the ice storm during the winter of 2008/2009? The storms will be rolling in before we know it, so we thought we’d share our best tips to help you out: […]

Perks of Working with a Bryant Authorized Dealer

We talk about being a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer, but do you know why it’s so important to us?     Trustworthy Services If you’re a new homebuyer or new to the Tri-State area, it can be hard to know exactly which HVAC service provider is the most trustworthy. When you see that Bryant has […]

Buy Now, Pay Later: Financing Options

In a perfect world, we’d all have our savings built up so that we have enough money for surprise HVAC repairs or total breakdowns. But it’s not a perfect world, and we’re all too familiar with how HVAC units tend to shut down at the most inconvenient times for homeowners. Sure enough, a trusty system […]

The Cost of a Broken AC for Businesses

For business owners, scheduling an HVAC checkup is probably the LAST thing on your mind. But we’re here to tell you to raise it to the top of the list, because an unexpected breakdown could seriously cost your business. Follow along to learn how. Customer Happiness Are you a retail space? Then you know how […]

Dirty Air Filters: The Price You Pay

There’s a reason why we instruct our customers to regularly change their home air filters. It’s one of the easiest home maintenance checklist items to forget—because its impact often goes unseen—yet its neglect can lead to serious trouble. Here’s how: System Functionality Your HVAC systems rely on air vents to circulate air. The return vent […]

How To Cut Costs in Your Small Business

When you own a business, it can feel like things get more and more expensive—from vendor prices to those gradually growing utility bills. And when it’s a small business you’re running, those rising bills cut directly into the business owner’s take-home pay. We at BNG Heating and Cooling understand this because we experience it for […]

The Price You Pay for an Old Thermostat

We know what you’re thinking—this is just a sales pitch for an HVAC company to sell you a new thermostat. The truth is that we’re always reminding our customers to update their thermostats because we see, time after time, how the upgrade significantly impacts our customers’ monthly energy bills. Here’s how: Automatic Setting Adjustments While […]

Post-Winter HVAC Horror Stories

With every season change, we urge our customers to have their HVAC systems maintenanced. Yes, this is to ensure the health and efficiency of the system after working hard in summer months, but it’s also to make sure nothing has made your HVAC system into its home during the harsh winter months. Our technicians have […]

How Semi-Trucks Stay Cool

As heating and cooling enthusiasts, we at BNG Heating & Cooling have always been interested in how truck drivers stay cool during the summer nights when they’re parked for a good night’s sleep. Do they keep their trucks running? Do they have special AC units? We did some research and found out! Auxiliary Power Unit […]

What Exactly Can We Do for Your Business?

You may have heard the buzz about how BNG Heating and Cooling is the Tri-State Area’s choice for business HVAC support. Today, we’re telling you all that comes with that support! Comprehensive Servicing Our experts have seen it all! If it’s a small office building or a huge operation—there are no projects that we’re afraid […]

What Does "HVAC" Stand For?

What Does HVAC Stand For?

We promise—it’s not a silly question! We get asked this all the time, so we thought it would make a great blog.   Heating You may have guessed this one. It seems simple, but there’s a whole family of heating mechanisms wrapped into this part of the acronym. This article has some helpful diagrams for […]

3 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose BNG

We have a strong reputation as the area’s “go-to” for home comfort specialization, but customers are sometimes surprised to learn that we spend a lot of our time servicing the businesses of the Tri-State area! Here are some of the things that make business owners choose us over other commercial HVAC specialists: Design Experience Smart […]

The Homeowner’s Springtime Checklist

After a long, hard winter, we’re finally seeing the sunlight at the end of the tunnel! We know you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but are you sure that your house is ready to make the transition from cold temperatures to warm?   We want to make it easy for you […]

Air Vents: When It’s Okay to Block Them

Our short and simple answer? Never. Here’s why. Increased Pressure Your heating and cooling equipment was set up for your home’s specific square footage. When you close air vents or block them with furniture, the same amount of air is being pushed through your ventilation system but with increased pressure because of limited opportunities for […]

Managing Home Heat Loss

Is Your Home Losing Heat?

When it snows, have you ever noticed how some houses collect snow on the roof and other houses don’t collect any? As heating & cooling experts, our hearts break when we see the houses with no snow on their roof. Why? Because those houses are releasing all the heat from inside through the roof, melting […]