Pet Owners: Is Your Air Quality Under Control?

You love them, you really do. But sometimes your furry friend’s dander makes the air in your house less-than-optimal. Don’t sacrifice clean, conditioned air just because you love having your pets inside. Here are some steps you can take in order to have the best of both worlds:

1: Do what you can to keep pet dander at bay.

Keeping your home clean is one of the best ways to control your air quality when it comes to pets. Vacuum as frequently as you can, don’t let dust build up on surfaces, try to contain the hair by keeping your pets in certain parts of the house, and bathe your pet regularly (not just when they’ve gotten messy!).

2: Pay attention to pet hair getting caught in the air filters.

Even if you take care to keep clean in visible areas, you may be forgetting to clean your filters. When pet hair is trapped in your filters, all the air that is blown back into your house will be contaminated with dander. You’ll be reversing all the work you do to keep your house clean!

3: Invest in air purifiers.  

You can buy plants that naturally purify the air in your home or even invest in APCO whole-house air purification products—either way, taking a proactive step towards cleaner air may be the best way to counteract the impurities spread into the air by your furry friends. Want more tips? Check out this blog on air purification.

4: Keep your air conditioner going.

We know that some people prefer to turn the AC off when they leave the house, but when a pet (and its odors) stays inside while the AC if off, they’ll not only be uncomfortable but the air surrounding them will be trapped inside. Allow your AC to do it’s job of conditioning the air in your house, so that you don’t come home to an allergy and asthma hotbed.

5: Have your HVAC system regularly maintenanced.

An AC unit that is constantly fighting the effects of pet hair works harder than it would for a house without pets. To keep this from taking a toll on your system, it’s even more important that you have your system checked by professionals throughout the year (not just when it breaks down).

Want expert advice for your home’s air quality? Give us a call or go online to schedule your consultation—we know what it takes to keep your home air as clean and fresh as possible!

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