Post-Winter HVAC Horror Stories

With every season change, we urge our customers to have their HVAC systems maintenanced. Yes, this is to ensure the health and efficiency of the system after working hard in summer months, but it’s also to make sure nothing has made your HVAC system into its home during the harsh winter months.

Our technicians have seen it all—and homeowners can fall victim to these rodent invasions whether their home is new or old, perfectly maintained or not—so we thought we’d share a few examples of what we’ve found and how to prevent it.

This image, taken by a BNG technician, is a prime example of rodent nesting within the panels of your HVAC unit.

The two photos below show another kind of infestation—ants!

Warning Signs of Rodent Infestation

  • Horrid smell infesting your air quality (could be within air filters or in air ducts)
  • Allergy attacks
  • System not running properly
  • Traditional signs of infestation, including droppings and chew marks

Tips for Rodent Nest Prevention

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Running the system regularly, even in an unoccupied home
  • Sealing gaps, cracks, and other access points within your system
  • Seasonal cleaning around HVAC units (leaves and debris in your outdoor unit makes for a ready-made nest!)

Have we convinced you to schedule your spring/summer maintenance appointment yet?

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