How To: Seal Your Windows for Energy Savings

Sometimes we hear from our customers that they’ve done all they can to ensure energy efficiency, but they still see an unnecessary uptick in their energy bills when cooler weather comes around.

They’ve made sure their insulation is healthy (even in crawlspaces and attics!) This means they’ve gotten their air filters cleaned or replaced, and they’ve even gotten their thermostat set to the optimal temperatures for energy savings.

If this sounds like you, and you’re starting to feel hopeless about your rising energy bills, we’ve got a small, easy solution that can make a BIG difference when it comes to energy leaks: sealing behind your window and door trim.

Why is sealing windows worth the time?

After uninsulated walls and attic spaces, windows and doors are the #3 biggest causes of heat loss in your home.

You should try performing one of these really helpful air leak checks if you have been noticing:

  • Drafts around your closed windows or doors.
  • Light shining through the edges of windows or doors.
  • Peeling paint around the window or door frame.

When these leak checks reveal the exposed openings around your windows and doors, you shouldn’t wait any longer to seal them up.

This project may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really a simple do-it-yourself project.

Even small improvements help with energy savings.

If you’ve only got a light breeze coming through, all you need to do is seal the gaps between the trim and the wall.

You just need some caulk and painter’s tape!

Click here for a great video tutorial showing you what to do.

If the wind coming through your window and door trim is more aggressive, you may want to take this DIY a step further.

You can accomplish this by stripping the trim completely off, then using foam sealant to fill the space between the frame and actual window or door.

The energy experts at Energy Star have the best step-by-step guide for this procedure: find it here.

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And if you’re worried that you’ve got more than just a window and door sealant problem, you should call the insulation experts at BNG Heating & Cooling so that we can perform a home energy audit before temperatures lower!

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