How We Use Cold Plasma to Blast Germs in Your Home

You may know that air conditioners work to purify the air in your home—it’s one of the most important features of a comfortable, air conditioned home! What you may not know is that, however frequently you change your air filters and scrub the counters and floors, germs and allergens run rampant in your home.

That’s why we recommend to our customers that they consider installing a Global Plasma Solutions Air Purification System in their home. If it sounds fancy, that’s because it is! It’s highly advanced technology that comes at a surprisingly affordable price point. Read on to learn exactly how these units use cold plasma to zap germs, allergens, odors, and bacteria in your home.

It’s all about ions.

Ions are found naturally in Earth’s atmosphere. The GPS patented technology produces the same levels of ions that are usually found around waterfalls, the beach, or high in the mountains and releases them in order to recreate those levels of odor and bacteria control in your home! So, basically, life’s a beach!

The result of this ion release is better control of allergens, incredible odor elimination, and the destruction of pathogens. When we say pathogens, we mean virus, bacteria, and mold! When the ions combine on the surface of a pathogen, they rob the pathogen of the hydrogen necessary for them to survive. The result is an inactive pathogen—meaning a pathogen that cannot latch on to you, your kids, or your visitors!

Yes, it’s affordable.

While there is a cost up-front, the GPS technology is much more affordable than its competitors, mainly because it does not require that you regularly replace parts or pay for frequent maintenance. Not to mention the medical bills and allergy prescriptions that you’ll be saving money on!

It was important to our team at BNG Heating & Cooling that we find a product that would have incredible benefits to our customers while maintaining a low price point. With the GPS Air Purification System, we’ve done just that! Go ahead and give us a call so that we can bring a crew in to find out if your home is a good fit for one of these systems.

How To Purify the Air in Your Home

Is your home prone to dust? Do you have pets?

Even without these two indoor air pollution culprits, your home is still hosting allergens and chemicals that can negatively impact your health.

The great news is that BNG has been dedicated to creating comfortable, clean, and healthy home environments for 71 years – so we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Here are our best tips:

Air filters.

This should be a no-brainer but, sadly, many homeowners neglect their air filters and thus allow dusty, moldy air to be filtered through their homes. But even beyond regularly changing your air filters, you’d be surprised by how much more effective and long-lasting your air filters can be when you choose the right one for your home.

At BNG, we recommend changing your air filters at least once every three months. And, when we’re the ones setting up your system, we’ll provide you with the filters that are properly installed and that work best for you.   

Invest in clean air.

BNG offers Global Plasma Solutions and APCO whole-house air purification products because we have experienced, for ourselves, the incredible difference they can make in our daily lives. These products control odor, dust, mold, bacteria, and even germs. Once you’ve experienced life with these heavy-duty air purifiers, you’ll regret ever allowing yourself to breathe in air that is so full of dangerous substances.

Fight pollution with nature!

As a supplement to the more effective solutions in #1 and #2, you can also use nature to fight indoor air pollution. This list of plants has been proven to attack the substances that pollute the air in our homes – not to mention they add a little natural beauty to your interior design!

Are you excited about clean indoor air yet? We are!

Call us for an expert consultation, and we’ll help you find the best air filters or purification systems for your home BEFORE serious spring allergens sneak in.

Preparing Your Home for Spring Allergies

Sneezing? Scratchy throat? Watery eyes? You’re not alone! Allergies affect more than 20 percent of Americans. Medications can help relieve allergy symptoms, but removing irritants from your home is a much more effective way to stop your stuffy nose, headache, itchy eyes, and shortness of breathe.

The first place to start is the allergist! There’s no point in making changes at home without knowing your particular allergies. Who knows, you might be allergic to cats and keeping your windows closed! Once you know what you are allergic to, then you’ll be able to identify preventative measures.

Once you’ve established what causes your allergies, work your way through the house eliminating specific allergens, starting with your bedroom. If dust is one of your problems, cover your mattress and pillows with zip-on dust mite covers. You spend so much of your day in bed, it’s the natural place to start!

Avoid trekking in trouble by placing two doormats at each entryway – one outside, one inside – to keep outdoor irritants from finding their way inside. Or, have your family and guests remove their shoes when they enter, so they don’t spread allergens around.

Another great way to diminish your spring allergy symptoms is to zap them from the air! Global Plasma Solutions, a pioneer in plasma technology (and available at BNG!), reduces airborne particles and kills viruses, bacteria and mold! The positive and negative ions generated in the HVAC system flow free into the occupied space through the forced air system. Once the GPS system works its magic, people with allergies have reported a reduction in symptoms and many have reported a reduction in required medication or no medication at all!

What measures are you currently taking to control your allergies? If you’re continuing to suffer, call BNG for an air quality analysis to see how we can help you keep allergens out of your home.