Your Guide to Furnace Filters

The air filters that you walk past every day—in the wall or on the floor of your common areas—are easy to remember.

It’s pretty noticeable when air isn’t flowing as freely or when there’s a musty scent filling the room. We find that most of our customers aren’t as likely to remember the furnace filters that need changing.

When we discover that their home comfort issues lie in an unchanged furnace filter, their energy bills drop, the air quality in their home improves, and their furnace goes back to functioning normally.

Here are some of the basics about furnace filter maintenance that you may not already know:

They’re crucial to your furnace’s function.  

This is because most people don’t give much thought to their furnaces—as long as it’s keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  If you’re one of those people (it’s okay—that’s what we’re here for!), here’s exactly what a furnace does.

The furnace filter, specifically, protects the blower fan from the dust and other debris that the return duct is pulling in.

They should be changed regularly.

Likely way more regularly than you’re changing them right now.

It’s recommended that you change out or clean furnace filters every three months.

This will keep your furnace running at tip-top efficiency! We know this is a hassle and easily forgettable, and that’s why we include furnace maintenance in our maintenance packages. We send you reminders on the most important home comfort to-do’s!

If you’re taking care of your furnace filters, you’re taking care of your furnace.

Clean, operational furnace filters are completely essential to the smooth functioning of your furnace, which is essential to the smooth functioning of your entire home comfort system.

Letting yourself slide on furnace filter maintenance could have serious consequences to both your system and your wallet.

You don’t want to get stuck with premature replacement costs OR high energy bills.

Be proactive!

Call one of our locations or go online to schedule your expert consultation today.

We’ll make sure your furnace is getting the attention it needs.