Managing Home Heat Loss

Is Your Home Losing Heat?

When it snows, have you ever noticed how some houses collect snow on the roof and other houses don’t collect any?

As heating & cooling experts, our hearts break when we see the houses with no snow on their roof.


Because those houses are releasing all the heat from inside through the roof, melting all the snow!

When this happens, the homeowners are wasting loads of money on heating the house, because the heat can’t stay contained inside.

At BNG Heating & Cooling, we specialize in the systems that keep up with your home’s heating needs, but we also specialize in preparing your home to contain that heat for optimal energy savings.

Here are the things our experts look for when identifying the sources of energy loss:

Uninsulated Crawl Spaces and Attics

We remind our customers of this, time and time again, because it’s one of the most common problems we run into when inspecting houses.

You don’t ever think about your crawl spaces, and you kind of expect your attic to be uncomfortable, so it’s easy to forget that they play an integral role in your total home comfort.

If you’ve never insulated them, or if the insulation there has deteriorated over time, you need to take action now. That may mean getting a full insulation installation, or just an insulation topper.

Broken Thermostats

Have you ever updated your thermostat from the one that came with your house?

Most people don’t think to do this. They’ll live with a finicky thermostat and learn all the tricks in the book for making it work before making a simple upgrade!

Sometimes, we’ll get calls to repair a broken system just to discover that the thermostat is the problem. If you think you’re ready for an upgrade, consider a truly smart thermostat—you’ll thank us later.

Air Leaks

Especially around doors and windows, unsealed crevices in your home are prime suspects for letting cold air in and hot air out!

You may hear a faint whistle of wind coming through these spots, but oftentimes you don’t realize at all that there’s an opening.

That’s why we recommend sealing these openings before winter becomes harsh. We wrote a blog with our best tips for sealing openings—check it out here.

Ready to talk directly to one of our home comfort experts?

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Save On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Home comfort is our passion. Because of that, we’re devastated to come across families—every single winter—who are freezing in their homes and spending way too much money on energy bills because they didn’t prepare for the cold winter months.

We want your home to be your oasis, your absolute favorite place in the world. And we know that the holidays are already expensive enough without high energy bills. That’s why we’ve made this list of our best tips for making your home as energy-efficient AND warm as possible this winter:

Proper Insulation

We preach the importance of insulation year-round, but there’s no time of the year more crucial for insulation performance than the freezing months ahead.

When you call one of our experts to perform an energy audit on your home, we’re able to go through and perform thermal imaging tests to discover exactly where you’re losing energy.  Then, we can come in and repair your insulation or even add an insulation topper to ensure sufficient energy efficiency.

Sealed Openings

Many homeowners neglect to seal their windows and doors, allowing cold air to consistently seep into their home.

While newer, energy efficient windows may not need this added level of protection, most older homes could greatly benefit from a little caulk around its window and door frames.

Regular HVAC Maintenance

It sounds like we’re selling our product—and of course we are!—but only because we see time and time again how consistently maintaining your large HVAC equipment prevents breakdowns.

Our technicians are able to catch little hiccups before they become big, expensive ones.

Find a Trusted Partner

Last, but not least, is that you find someone that you can call when your home is struggling to keep up with the cold weather.

No matter if you’re calling to make sure you don’t run into any problems or if your HVAC unit has just worn out, we’re the people you can trust to get you back on track.

When your home stops being your favorite winter escape, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 service line.

Your Guide to Furnace Filters

The air filters that you walk past every day—in the wall or on the floor of your common areas—are easy to remember.

It’s pretty noticeable when air isn’t flowing as freely or when there’s a musty scent filling the room. We find that most of our customers aren’t as likely to remember the furnace filters that need changing.

When we discover that their home comfort issues lie in an unchanged furnace filter, their energy bills drop, the air quality in their home improves, and their furnace goes back to functioning normally.

Here are some of the basics about furnace filter maintenance that you may not already know:

They’re crucial to your furnace’s function.  

This is because most people don’t give much thought to their furnaces—as long as it’s keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  If you’re one of those people (it’s okay—that’s what we’re here for!), here’s exactly what a furnace does.

The furnace filter, specifically, protects the blower fan from the dust and other debris that the return duct is pulling in.

They should be changed regularly.

Likely way more regularly than you’re changing them right now.

It’s recommended that you change out or clean furnace filters every three months.

This will keep your furnace running at tip-top efficiency! We know this is a hassle and easily forgettable, and that’s why we include furnace maintenance in our maintenance packages. We send you reminders on the most important home comfort to-do’s!

If you’re taking care of your furnace filters, you’re taking care of your furnace.

Clean, operational furnace filters are completely essential to the smooth functioning of your furnace, which is essential to the smooth functioning of your entire home comfort system.

Letting yourself slide on furnace filter maintenance could have serious consequences to both your system and your wallet.

You don’t want to get stuck with premature replacement costs OR high energy bills.

Be proactive!

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We’ll make sure your furnace is getting the attention it needs.