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  • small home wrapped in a red scarf

    How To Keep Your Home Warm During an Outage

    It’s winter in the midwest, and you know what that means: severe storms and inconvenient power outages! When these storm systems hit us in the bitter cold, the threat of losing power—and heat to our homes—can become dire. Make sure to read these tips, so …

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    The Homeowner’s Springtime Checklist

    After a long, hard winter, we’re finally seeing the sunlight at the end of the tunnel! We know you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but are you sure that your house is ready to make the transition from cold temperatures to …

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  • condensation on a window due to humidity

    Is Your Home Too Humid?

    Are you making sure that your home maintains appropriate levels of moisture? This crucial detail is often overlooked by homeowners, so we’ve boiled it down to some simple steps for you. 1: Understand what your home SHOULD feel like. If you’ve never paid attention to …

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  • a family inspects a potential new home

    How to Be Sure Your New Home Isn’t an Energy-Suck

    Buying a home is an incredibly exciting move, but it can also be really stressful for first-timers. The biggest mistake you can make is to find a home that is seemingly perfect, but that is an energy-suck—and the worst part? Most people don’t figure that …

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    The Inside Scoop On Insulation

    Some of the most important parts of your home or business are those that are hard to see, hiding behind walls or under floorboards, but intrinsic to keeping your home comfortable, safe, and secure. Your insulation and weatherization are often relegated to the sidelines of …

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  • Blown Insulation in a new construction

    Insulation and Crawl-Space Weatherization

    The most important parts of your home or business are the things you can’t see, like the time you spend there together and the fun memories you create. While only you can create those intangibles, we’re here to help with the other things you can’t …

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  • Fall Weather Decorations and Home

    Bring on the FALL

    With cooling temperatures, fall is a great time to tackle some home maintenance tasks that you may have been putting off. Getting these done now will help you get ahead of holiday crunch-time and bad winter weather; once you’ve checked these off your list, you’ll …

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  • Legacy™ Line Central Air Conditioner

    Maximizing your HVAC unit’s efficiency while saving money

    If there were a magic thermostat, keeping your house comfortable and your energy bill low would be easy. This thermostat would know to anticipate your every move, knowing when you come and go, tracking outdoor humidity levels and watching the calendar to adjust by one …

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