What exactly happens on a maintenance visit?

We’re always reminding our customers that the best way to save money is to make sure you’re scheduling regular maintenance visits for your HVAC units. The idea seems counterintuitive to most: “Why would I pay money for a checkup if my system seems to be running fine?”

The answer is that your system almost always seems to be running fine—until it suddenly breaks down. Most people also think their system is working well, only to crunch the numbers and realize that their energy bills have been steadily on the rise for years.

When we come to your house for a maintenance visit, you’ll find out that those “sudden” breakdowns aren’t so sudden after all. We can pinpoint potential problem areas and even run an efficiency test to make sure that your system is running as smoothly as possible, so that you’re not spending way too much money on your energy bills.

So, what does the visit look like exactly? Here’s how it goes:

Meet and Greet Your Technician

At BNG, it’s important to us that our customers have a relationship with the technician assigned to their home. We are the gatekeepers to your home comfort, and the better you know us, the more you feel free to call on us with any questions or concerns—just as you would with a beloved family doctor! We trust that each and every one of our technicians will provide friendly, professional, and expert service. We hope that you’ll take advantage of their expertise!

Survey the System

Just like a checkup at the doctor’s office, our technicians will run through the basics of HVAC health. We connect gauges to the outdoor unit to make sure it’s running with the right pressure and temperature. We also check to make sure oil is added to motor oil ports, that all electrical components are protected from erosion, that all wires are in-tact, and that all moving parts are functioning properly.

For an indoor unit inspection, we’ll make sure that mold hasn’t made its way into your home, we’ll change your air filters, and we’ll make sure that your thermostat is properly calibrated.

Clean the System

While some homeowners are able to clear most leaves and debris from their outdoor unit, it’s advised that you allow your professional technician to really clean the unit during a maintenance visit. We can make sure that the condenser fins are completely clean and that no leaves have gotten into the mechanics of your unit. This is especially important to do at the change of every season!

The checklists that we run through are absolutely vital to preventing expensive HVAC breakdowns. We do know, however, that some (usually newer) systems require a little less maintenance than others. That’s why we offer three tiers of maintenance plans! Choose from this list to see what plan works best for your home. Trust us—the investment you make in preventative maintenance for your HVAC unit can save you thousands in the long-run!

Needing a maintenance visit right now? Call our team at BNG Heating & Cooling to schedule an assessment today.

The Homeowner’s Springtime Checklist

After a long, hard winter, we’re finally seeing the sunlight at the end of the tunnel! We know you’re ready to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, but are you sure that your house is ready to make the transition from cold temperatures to warm?  

We want to make it easy for you to be sure that you’re taking the best care of your home that you possibly can, so we made this checklist of things that you should do before we’re in full springtime.

Check the Roof

Your roof has done a lot of work for you this winter—especially if you were one of the millions of Americans who experienced severe snowstorms early this year. Make sure that it didn’t lose any shingles along the way. You should also look out for unevenness among shingles, as that can be pointing to nail-pops and potential leak opportunities.

Check Your Gutters

It won’t be long before we’re gearing up for April showers! Be sure that your gutters are unclogged, cleared of leaves and debris, and are in good working order. Pro Tip: Look for water drips, especially around gutter downspouts, on your exterior walls. These marks point to a leaky gutter.

Windows and Doors

If you took our advice before winter and made sure to seal your openings, now is a good time to check those places to be sure that your sealing stayed in tact. If not, take the opportunity to seal them now, before your home is working to keep cool air in and warm, summer air out.  

HVAC Maintenance

It’s time to clear out the leaves and debris from your HVAC unit and get it ready for a hot summer! This is also the perfect time to schedule a routine maintenance check from your expert service provider. They will be able to spot signs of trouble after a long winter, and make repairs before hot spring and summer weather sets in.

If you have a maintenance plan with BNG Heating and Cooling, you’re already on our list of homes to check in on before spring. If not, you can schedule a consultation by calling one of our locations or by going online to schedule your consultation today.