Should You Turn Off Your AC While On Vacation?

If you’re anything like us, you can’t leave the house for vacation without going through an exhaustive mental checklist. Did I turn the stove off? Is the curling iron unplugged? Do I have all my kids with me? And as the temperature continues to rise, you may be faced with another, equally important question: do I leave the A/C on?

Unlike most questions in life, a quick Google search won’t give you a definitive answer. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so we’ve decided to set the record straight, once and for all: LEAVE YOUR A/C ON.

Why? It’s important to understand that air conditioners not only cool your home, but also remove humidity from your home. In a climate like Southern Indiana, especially, once you leave your A/C off for an extended period of time, bad things begin to happen. Mold, must, spores — all the usual suspects — will descend on your home like a plague.

We recommend that you actually turn your A/C up before you leave — anywhere from 83-85 degrees will get the job done. That’s enough to keep your humidity levels under control while you’re gone. If your house is equipped with programmable thermostats, poke around for a “hold” or “vacation” function.

Additionally, if your family travels often we would recommend installing a WiFi thermostat with a mobile app. You can check your home’s temperature while you’re gone, ensuring that all is well, and change the temperature while you are traveling back to give your home time to cool back down before your return. At BNG, we have WiFi thermostats starting for as little as $349 installed.

Still have questions? Comb through our website a little more, or just give us a call at 812.858.400 to speak with an HVAC professional. Have a great vacation!