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  • a mouse hanging from a power line

    Post-Winter HVAC Horror Stories

    With every season change, we urge our customers to have their HVAC systems maintenanced. Yes, this is to ensure the health and efficiency of the system after working hard in summer months, but it’s also to make sure nothing has made your HVAC system into …

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  • a semi truck driver in an air conditioned truck

    How Semi-Trucks Stay Cool

    As heating and cooling enthusiasts, we at BNG Heating & Cooling have always been interested in how truck drivers stay cool during the summer nights when they’re parked for a good night’s sleep. Do they keep their trucks running? Do they have special AC units? …

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  • a technician fixing a rooftop hvac system

    What Exactly Can We Do for Your Business?

    You may have heard the buzz about how BNG Heating and Cooling is the Tri-State Area’s choice for business HVAC support. Today, we’re telling you all that comes with that support! Comprehensive Servicing Our experts have seen it all! If it’s a small office building …

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  • two commercial hvac techs at a job site

    3 Reasons Why Business Owners Choose BNG

    We have a strong reputation as the area’s “go-to” for home comfort specialization, but customers are sometimes surprised to learn that we spend a lot of our time servicing the businesses of the Tri-State area! Here are some of the things that make business owners …

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    Air Vents: When It’s Okay to Block Them

    Our short and simple answer? Never. Here’s why. Increased Pressure Your heating and cooling equipment was set up for your home’s specific square footage. When you close air vents or block them with furniture, the same amount of air is being pushed through your ventilation …

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  • a man measuring roofing insulation

    What is an insulation “topper,” and do you need it?

    When the only problem with your insulation is that it has deteriorated over time or shifted in a way that has exposed some holes in its layers of protection, the experts at BNG Heating & Cooling often suggest installing an insulation topper. The topper is …

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  • Pet Owners: Is Your Air Quality Under Control?

    You love them, you really do. But sometimes your furry friend’s dander makes the air in your house less-than-optimal. Don’t sacrifice clean, conditioned air just because you love having your pets inside. Here are some steps you can take in order to have the best …

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