The Homeowner’s Resolution List

The minute you buy a home, your to-do list grows exponentially. You no longer have the luxury of calling the landlord when something breaks or malfunctions.

Nope—it’s YOUR responsibility now! The good news is that, for homeowners who plan ahead and take care of their home year-round, breakdowns and malfunctions can be kept to a minimum.

It’s easy to lose track of all the things you’re supposed to be doing to make sure you’re keeping everything in working order, so that’s why we made this list for you! Of the many, many home maintenance tasks that we encourage, these are the most important:

Schedule Maintenance Appointments for the Year

When we encounter a broken-down HVAC unit, it’s often quite obvious that the problem that broke the system down could have been avoided if the homeowner had had their system checked out regularly.

That’s why we offer maintenance plans!

People on our maintenance plans get regular home visits, so that we can troubleshoot any potential problems BEFORE they get serious.

Cut Energy Usage

This should be a real priority. Whether you’re in an older home or a newly-built house, there are always ways that you can be cutting down on the energy that your home burns. Start by investing in a smart thermostat. It will monitor your daily habits and adjust the temperature in your home automatically.

These genius devices are always looking for ways to cut down your energy consumption, so it’s okay if you forget to make that a priority.

Another easy, but often overlooked, way to cut down on energy consumption? Sealing your windows! We tell you exactly how in this popular blog post. And lastly, it may simply be time to upgrade to an energy-efficient system.

Change Filters

This often-forgotten but incredibly crucial task impacts not only your energy-efficiency, but the quality of air you’re pumping through your home!


While we can help you with the other items on this list, de-cluttering is up to you!

But trust us when we say that starting a new year with a freshly cleaned and organized house will be good for not only your mental health, but also for the happiness of your family. This list of statistics regarding the importance of decluttering will amaze you!

Oh, and doing a deep clean every once in a while can really impact your energy savings!

Work With a Dealer You Can Trust

We at BNG Heating & Cooling are passionate about being your partners in achieving optimal home comfort.

We want to be your go-to! We’ve invested in relationships with some amazing vendors so that we can always offer our customers top-of-the-line equipment at affordable price points.

Ready to work with us? Call our team at BNG Heating & Cooling to schedule an assessment today.