The Practical Homeowner’s Wish List

Do you have a family member that is just impossible to buy a gift for? We all do. And maybe you’re that person! If you are, you’ll be thankful that we’ve compiled a list of BNG HVAC gifts that will save you money and make your entire year more comfortable!

Wifi Thermostat

Most people are satisfied with their regular old thermostat. But, once you’ve had a wifi thermostat and experienced the incredible time-saving and energy bill-lowering perks it provides, you simply can’t imagine life without it.

If the homeowner you’re shopping for still hasn’t upgraded to a wifi, programmable thermostat, trust us. They’ll thank you every time they don’t have to get out of bed to adjust the temperature.

A digital programmable thermostat is as low as $135 at BNG, and a WiFi thermostat with an accompanying mobile app is $349, which even includes installation!

1 Year Maintenance Plan

Talk about practical! Are you shopping for someone whose busy schedule prevents them from planning crucial unit checkups throughout the year or someone whose health renders them incapable of doing so? There’s no doubt that they will thank you for saving them the time, money, and energy that goes into keeping a home comfortable.

Gifting a year’s HVAC maintenance plan will save even a capable loved one time, money, and energy, and it could make an even bigger impact on the wellbeing of someone who couldn’t do it themselves! They’ll be able to trust BNG to remember their checkup timeline

The gift of better air quality

Sounds cheesy, we know. But have you walked into a home recently so full of dust and pet dander than you sneeze immediately? The homeowners have likely grown so accustomed to their polluted air that they would never know how badly they need their air purified.

And, aside from the obvious health benefits of purified air, recent studies also suggest an increased productivity in environments with great air quality!

This incredible gift could come in the form of an air purifier or whole-house air purifying system, both of which are offered by BNG.

Ready to surprise them with the best gift?

We’d love to be the ones to help you! Making life easier for homeowners is our bread and butter. Check out our website to see our complete line of products, including all the ones mentioned above, or call us today to learn more about ways we can give the gift of home comfort – the gift that really does keep on giving!

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