Is it time to change your thermostat?

You may be thinking, “I haven’t had to worry about my thermostat in 20 years! It’s working just fine!”

While we’re proud that your current system has never given you trouble, we must warn you that thermostat function does deteriorate over time. Even if you’ve never noticed a glitch, older thermostats usually read and display your home temperature inaccurately.

And you’ve probably become accustomed to it!

Accuracy is Important!

If your family knows to translate 78° on your thermostat to really mean 70°, your system is probably not achieving optimal energy efficiency. Since, according to the Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling accounts for 42% of home energy costs, every degree of accuracy could save you money!

Even if you upgrade to a thermostat that has no extra features – without WiFi capabilities or a display screen or even programming options, you’ll still be saving money on your energy because you’ll have a more accurate understanding of the temperature and temperature changes in your home.

Take the Guesswork Out of the Equation

When you switch to a programmable thermostat, you no longer have to remember to set the temperature back when you leave for work or when you go to bed at night. You can program it to change the temperature, gradually, at the times of your day that don’t need extra warmth or cooling.

This is where properly installed insulation comes into play. When your home’s energy-saving infrastructure has been well-maintained, it will be able to keep a comfortable temperature without you constantly switching your heating or cooling on and off.

Improve Your System’s Efficiency Today

Have we inspired you? That’s great news!

Upgrading your thermostat is one of the least expensive ways to keep your energy bills in check, and – even better – BNG HVAC installs your new thermostat for free when you upgrade during your spring maintenance check!

Check out the many thermostat options we provide our customers, then give us a call to schedule your maintenance checkup and thermostat installation!

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