What’s Broken? Thermostat or Furnace?

Ask yourself:

  • Is the temperature unsteady?
  • Rapidly changing from cold to warm and back again?

Is the thermostat reading a temperature that’s not matching the room’s actual temperature? Bring in a secondary thermometer to test this one!

Is the heat not turning on when you raise the temperature considerably?

Try this:

  • Change the thermostat battery. We know – so simple! But it should be the very first thing you check because it’s the easiest fix! Here’s how.
  • Flip your circuit breaker. Be very careful when dealing electricity, but do give this a shot! The circuit that your thermostat operates out of may just need resetting.
  • If you notice that the area outside of—or maybe even inside of!—the thermostat has collected dirt and dust, you may want to call an expert to dig into the situation for you. The thermostat is a very sensitive instrument, and trying to clean it yourself could be harmful.

Nothing’s working?

It’s time to call in the professionals at BNG Heating & Cooling for an expert inspection. You may need a more serious thermostat repair – OR – it could be time to upgrade to one of our energy-efficient, wi-fi-enabled thermostats!

And if we find that the thermostat is just fine how it is, your furnace may just need servicing. Give us a call, so that we can get your home back to a comfortable temperature as quickly as possible!

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