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Whole House Humidifier vs. Portable Humidifiers

We’re nearing the month of November, and the air around us is getting drier and drier.

This is the time of year that customers start asking us what we recommend when it comes to air humidifiers, so we thought we’d break down the pros and cons of the most popular options on today’s blog!



  • Low Cost
    • People usually start with this option, to see the difference they feel when the air in their home has been humidified.
  • Portable
    • Most customers learn that they love breathing in the moist air that humidifiers offer. When they’ve purchased one of these small units, they can put it in the space that’s most optimal for them.
  • Versatile
    • These units come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and even functionalities. Since it will likely be on display, people like to choose one that fits their personal style.


  • Portable
    • It can be frustrating to have to carry the humidifier into different rooms, and if you decide to purchase a separate unit for another room, it becomes just as expensive as a whole house humidifier.
  • Range of Humidifying
    • Since it’s a smaller unit, it is only able to truly humidify one area of your home at a time.
  • Maintenance
    • Portable humidifiers require daily water changes, and if not done correctly collected water can contribute to the spread of bacteria in your home.



  • Scale of Performance
    • This is a bona-fide home heating MACHINE. It can control the humidity levels for every room and every floor of the house—not just one area at a time.
  • Maintenance
    • Unlike the portable option, there is no daily maintenance required for a whole house humidifier. They’re connected to your home’s water supply, so all you have to do is change its pads like you’d change an air filter.
  • Very Quiet
    • Though portable humidifiers aren’t extremely loud, they’re certainly louder than the whole house option.
  • Low Cost
    • While installation costs are higher than the portable option, which requires no installation fee, the cost over time is significantly lower for whole house humidifiers, as they have a longer lifespan and reach more areas than portable options can.


  • Commitment
    • When it comes down to it, the only major con that our customers find with whole house humidifiers is that they aren’t ready to make a commitment to a complete humidifying system. Often, this con goes away when they’ve tried out a portable option and see the difference in air quality that they enjoy throughout the winter!

The team at BNG Heating and Cooling is comprised of home comfort experts. We can help you install your home humidifying system today! Give us a call or visit one of our many locations to get started.

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