Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

It’s summer time, so that means your home’s air conditioner is working overtime. So what happens when your ac unit starts making more noise than usual? There are several reasons that can cause your ac unit to make a lot of noise.

We always recommend that you reach out to a trained HVAC professional when you experience any funny business with your system. The team at BNG Heating and Cooling is always ready to help figure out what’s affecting your home’s air conditioning and fix whatever it is keeping you from enjoying a comfortable home!

Here are some common causes of a noisy air conditioning unit:

Lack of Proper Lubrication

The motor of your ac unit needs lubrication just like the motor in your car. As with anything that incorporates moving parts, oil is essential to quiet and efficient operation.

Ensuring your air conditioner has a properly lubricated motor will eliminate any grinding sounds or excessive humming.

Loosened Hardware

If you are noticing a rattling sound, it could very well be due to loose hardware, such as screws that hold the panels in place.

This is bound to happen over time as the moving parts inside your ac unit produces quite a bit of vibration. Tightening up loose screws is another way you can keep your air conditioner operating smoothly and quietly.

Fan Debris

Various debris such as leaves and sticks can find their way into your ac unit, resulting in all kinds of unwanted noise. This pesky invaders can not only cause harsh noises, but they can also bend the blades of the fan or otherwise cause it to loosen over time.

Keeping your ac unit’s fan clean is essential to quiet and efficient operation. Unless you have experience working with air conditioners, we recommend you contact a local professional when it comes to maintaining the inner workers of an ac unit.

Trust BNG Heating and Cooling to Maintain Your System

Preventing breakdowns is all about maintenance. Contact the team at BNG today if you are in need of expert maintenance services to keep your air conditioner quiet and comfortable all year long.

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