furnace is blowing cold air

Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

We can get to bottom of why your furnace is blowing cold air. Our knowledgeable team of experts have dealt with just about every scenario. The reason your furnace is blowing cold air could be any of the following problems.


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Possible Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Pilot Light Issues

There won’t be a fire to heat the cold air if your electric furnace ignition or pilot light is broken. You most likely have an electronic furnace ignition if your furnace is more recent. The norm for older furnaces is a pilot light.

Faulty Thermostat

It’s possible that the thermostat is switching on the blower motor but not the burner.

Broken Circuit Board

The circuit control board delivers signals to switch on the furnace blower and furnace burner when it receives the heating cycle command from the thermostat. The furnace blower but not the furnace burners may be turned on if the circuit control board is broken.

Gas Furnace Supply Issues

You either need to refill your gas or the gas valve is broken. If you use propane instead of natural gas to heat your home, your gas supply will eventually run out, and you will need to periodically refill it.

Overheating Triggered by Safety Mode

Is your furnace blowing hot air sometimes and cold air other times? A safety mode is activated when the furnace becomes too hot to prevent the heat from increasing to a risky level.

Faulty Main Limit

The main limit is a piece that, like every other component, might deteriorate or get dirty. The main limit’s job is to stop the ignition when the component gets too hot.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

Your home is at immediate risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the heat exchanger on the furnace is cracked.

Dirty Air Filter

The cool air from inside your house will have a difficult time passing through a dirty or clogged furnace filter and into the furnace.

Blocked Supply Air Flow

Warm air cannot be distributed in your home if your supply vents are closed or blocked by furniture.

Clogged Coil

Despite the fact that the evaporator coil is used for the cooling cycle, all cleaned air must pass by it in order to enter they supply duct. If the evaporator coil is dirty or clogged, it will be difficult for air to move past it.


What to Do if Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

Check Your Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is in the heating mode first and foremost.

Next, make sure the fan setting on the thermostat is AUTO rather than ON. Your issue might be that it is set to ON; change it right away. Even when the heating cycle is not engaged, the furnace fan continues to blow when the ON option is selected.

Examine and Adjust Your Vents

Check all of your registers and vents. Verify that all of the vents are open and unobstructed.

Examine the furnace filters and replace them if necessary

Circulation of air is disrupted by a dirty filter. Check to see if the filters in your furnace are clogged or dirty. If so, replace them. We advise replacing your air filters at least every three months, or anytime they become dirty.

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