Winter Tips for Your Home’s HVAC System

Winter can be scary for homeowners. There are so many items on your list to check off before you can be sure that you’ve done all you can to protect it from the cold, damp, and sometimes icy weather that can seriously compromise both your home’s comfort AND its safety.

We know a thing or two about maintaining your home’s comfort—even in the toughest conditions! Follow this list, and you can rest easy this winter!

Insulation, Insulation, Insulation.

Without proper insulation, your home can’t retain any of the heat your HVAC system is producing. And, yes, insulation CAN deteriorate over time!

Insulation in your attic will be especially important in the winter, as heat tries to escape through your roof. Beyond the obvious areas, however, you should pay special attention to areas that are hidden, like your crawlspace,​ because they can make a huge difference in your home’s ability to retain heat.


If you haven’t had your furnaces checked and your HVAC winterized, then you can’t expect them to work efficiently – even without a major storm! You can call in the professionals to fully clean and prepare these units, but there are small steps you can take that make a big difference in HVAC efficiency!

Start by cleaning out all the autumn leaves and other sediment that may have collected in and around your HVAC unit and furnace. Doing this in addition to changing out all your filters will go a long way when your home faces the fiercest winter conditions this year. You know what we always say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Check your pipes.

If you’re leaving town for the holidays, you should turn off your water supply, so that water won’t freeze and crack your pipes while you’re away.

And if you don’t leave home, you need to adjust your faucets so that just a little bit of water trickles out. This keeps water from freezing in the pipes and from building up water pressure, both of which could cause your pipes to burst!

Monitor Your System.

You may not be able to tell that heat is escaping your walls and that your HVAC system is having to work overtime to keep your house warm. Keep an eye on your energy bills to see if you’re spending way more than you think you should or way more than what you paid last year.

If you have a wifi-enabled thermostat, you’ll be able to monitor your home’s temperature even if you’re away on holiday. You’ll be able to notice anything gone awry if you’ve been paying attention all year – getting the most out of your programmable thermostat!

Most important: BE PROACTIVE!

If you’d like an expert inspection on your home’s winterization before the winter storms REALLY hit, call BNG Heating & Cooling. We can pinpoint the areas of your home that are the biggest threats to both your comfort and your energy bills, and provide solutions that will keep your home energy-efficient all year long!

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